A Mindfulness, Wellness & Somatic Coach


Meditation & Qigong practitioner

Robin lives and works in Bryan, Texas, USA with her teenage daughter, a yellow Lab (Jazzy), an Australian Shepherd (Star), a cat (Mosha), and several fish tanks.  

Robin believes that we are all connected.  She developed her coaching vision and mission statements after years of inner work which helped her understand what she wanted from this lifetime, to connect and help others.

As your coach, Robin

  • will deeply listen and hold space for you to explore your inner depths.

  • promise to continue her own inner work and be beside you during yours.

  • believes the point of the journey is not to arrive but to enjoy and thrive.

  • believes all things are impermanent.  Together we will develop awareness and strategies to foster resilience.

  • believes we all have our own path and deserve nonjudgmental support along the way.


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