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Coaching is...

partnering with Clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Robin's core beliefs include:
  • I will deeply listen and hold space for you to explore your inner depths.

  • I promise to continue my own inner work and be beside you during yours.

  • I believe the point of the journey is not to arrive but to enjoy and thrive.

  • All things are impermanent.  Together we will develop awareness and strategies to foster resilience.

  • I believe we all have our own path and deserve nonjudgmental support along the way.


We are more than our minds.


Wellness is balance in all areas.


We are more than a brain on a stick.

Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment without judgment.

Mindfulness coaching is paying purposeful attention during a coaching session to the "what is" with an open heart, an open mind and a curious ear which allows intuition to arise.

Wellness is giving ourselves permission to live freely, abundantly with balance and joy

Wellness coaching assists in breaking free from inhibiting beliefs to get your needs met.  Together we find what balance means to you.

The soma, or body, holds our innate wisdom.  It is the connection to our spirit.  The soma physically interprets our emotions, feelings.

Somatic Coaching takes you into a deep dive determining where your emotions live to connect to the wisdom and use it to enrich your wellbeing.

Coaching is not...





Athletic Development